Application characteristics of bag filter in cement industry

Bag filter collectors have excellent dust removal performance and are widely used in the dust removal of the cement industry, which is well received by cement plants. Now let me introduce the application characteristics of bag filter collectors in the cement industry.

  1. Adapt to the requirements of high concentration dust in the cement industry

  The cement production line is used to grind raw materials and coal powder in a vertical manner. The O-Sepa separator selects qualified cement or coal powder, and the exhaust gas dust concentration is up to 1200g / Nm3. The clever body structure of the bag type dust collector combines the mechanism of gravity dust removal and filter dust removal, and collects the products in the exhaust gas, which has become an essential process equipment in the grinding system. It uses the first-level dust removal method to interstitialize the grinding process and reduce the system resistance. It can be said that where vertical mills and O-Sepa separators are operated, bag filterers must help.

  2. Advanced control technology to achieve remote control in the control room

  With the enlargement of equipment and the increase of labor productivity, the cement production lines now built adopt distributed control with a central control room. Current bag filter collectors come with a control cabinet. Microcomputer or PLC programmable controller is used to automatically control the working status of the bag filter collector, with functions such as temperature, pressure display and over-temperature, fault alarm, etc. Its extended interface can fully transmit the working signal to the central control room. Bag remover remote control and management.

  3. Low emission concentration can adapt to lower and lower emission limits

  The application of needle felt or glass fiber membrane filter material in a bag filter makes it possible to reduce the emission concentration below 10 mg / Nm3, which is unmatched by other types of dust removal equipment. The newly revised emission standards for air pollutants from the cement industry stipulate emission limits for particulate matter: 50mg / Nm3 for thermal equipment and 30mg / Nm3 for ventilation equipment. The water precipitator has been eliminated, and the cyclone has been eliminated at the end. The electrostatic precipitator must also update technology and increase costs to keep the last position of the kiln head and kiln tail. Over time, emission standards become more stringent, and only bag filter collectors can take on their heavy responsibility.

bag filter

  4. Can run synchronously with the host device

  More adapted to the requirements of the new emission standards for the operation rate of the dust collector equipment. The newly revised air pollutant emission standards for the cement industry require that "newly built cement kilns ensure that the dust removal device can still operate normally in the case of fluctuating production processes, and abnormal discharge is prohibited." bag filter collectors do not stop operation due to CO exceeding standards, as do electrostatic precipitators, and are less affected by fluctuations in the production process. Even if the dust collector itself is faulty, because it adopts a multi-chamber structure, it is possible to perform offline maintenance and change bags in a faulty room, and it can still work normally in each room, which can ensure synchronous operation with the host equipment.

  5. Has the function of reducing harmful gases, more favored by the cement industry

  Dust in the cement industry is mostly alkaline substances. Harmful gases containing sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and halides can be reacted with and absorbed by alkaline substances. The filter bag of the bag filter becomes this reaction carrier. A factory in Dalian The test results show that the harmful gas has been reduced by about 50% through the bag filter, and its function will be further developed to meet the requirements of the cement industry to reduce harmful gas emissions.

  The above is an introduction to the application characteristics of bag filter collectors in the cement industry. I hope everyone will understand the application characteristics of bag filter collectors in the cement industry and help everyone.

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