• Explosion-proof Passage Indicator
  • Explosion-proof Passage Indicator
  • Explosion-proof Passage Indicator

Explosion-proof Passage Indicator

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :200 pieces per month

The explosion-proofing mechanical passage indicator is designed and developed on the basis of mechanical passage indicator and its display part adopts cast aluminum alloy housing anti-explosion design to suit explosive operational conditions. It features direct viewing, reliable performance and easy operation, with its display portion deployed with built-in monolithic computer, LC digital display, intelligent control to allow normal time and passage time indicators. It is possible to furnish a transient switching signal of the pipeline cleaner passage time remote transmission.

Technical characteristics:

Operation pressure: 40.0Mpa

Operation temperature: -10-100

Installed pipeline diameter: ≥89mm

Transmitted medium: oil, gas, water, etc.

Applicable hazardous: Areas 1 and 2

Applicable explosive gas mixture: II A,II B,II C

Anti-explosion marketing: Exed II BT6

Anti-explosion grade: IP 65

Corrosion-proofing grade: WF 1

Contact points capacity: 24V DC 3A

Remote terminal port threads: 1/2NPT,3/4NPT


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