• Flanged Explosion-proof Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Explosion-proof Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Explosion-proof Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Explosion-proof Passage Indicator

Flanged Explosion-proof Passage Indicator

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :200 pieces per month

Explosion-Proof Mechanical Pig Signaler with flanges, composed of mechanical contact-type main body, anti-explosion digital display mechanism.

It has the feature of visual indication, mechanical parts automatic reset, visual section manually reset and signal’s remote transmission. And the pig’s running can be normal showed at two directions of front and reverse in the pipeline. Signaler can indicate the pigs passage situation by the mechanical structure of the positioning and fixed point, provide the information for operator and guide the technological process of switching.  

Product block diagram

Pipe Detector


1、LCD digital display products work, built-in timer, automatic travel, can show the standard time. 

2、LCD digital display products: Power supply DC6V 

3、Remote transmission controlled contact capacity: 24 VDC 3 A 

4、Remote transmission control signal effect time: 5 S

5、Remote transmission interface NPT1/2 or G1/2

Scope of application

1. Explosive gas、flammable medium.

2. Explosion-proof marks dⅡBT4/IP65

Basic structure:

Probe: Bi – directional swing follows to pipeline direction.

 Pipe Detector

  • Down flange: Good welding performance carbon steel, steel alloy or 304 stainless steel.

  • Bolt, nut, flat washer.

  • Top flange.

  • Contact probe, send signals to the explosion-proof head.

  • Explosion-proof head: display time, Pigs’ passage time and number of times, Send remote signal. 

  • O sealing ring.

  • Lever system

  • Tightening screw

  • Protective cap  

Display part technical characteristics:

  • When pigging, built-in timer, automatic travel, it can show the standard time. (Intelligent control and digital display), memory times: 10.

  • Power supply voltage:DC. 5-7V. Normally use 1.5 V battery 5#, 4pcs, DC6V.

  • This product uses low-power design, recommend to use “Nanfu” battery, service time more than 3600 hours,If test time intervals more than 150 days, remove the battery after test. Please replace the battery in time if it continues use time more than 150 days.

  • Controlled contact capacity: 24 VDC 3 A.

  • Remote transmission control signal effect time: Relay is open state normally,it will change to close state when pig passages and keep 5s ,then signal.

  • Remote transmission interface: NPT1/2” or G1/2”.

  • Explosion-proof mark dⅡBT4/IP65.  

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