• Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator
  • Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator

Flanged Mechanical Flag Type Passage Indicator

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :200 pieces per month

Flag(label )-the mechanical passage ball indicator is consisted of mechanical contact main body, display(label ),featuring direct viewing, automatic resetting of the mechanical component and manual resetting for display segment. It can display both two way cleaning passage information on the screen, realize positioning of the pipeline cleaner in the pipeline and indication of the pipeline cleaner’s passage conditions of the interior of pipeline to provide the operators with information based on which the process flow may be changed.

Pipe Detector

A. Technical characteristics:

  • Design Pressure:10Mpa (Special requirements shall be separately designed).

  • Applicable Temperature: -20-100℃.

  • Installed pipeline diameter≥89mm.

  • Medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive fluids.

  • Pipeline material: 

    A: Steel welding performance is good for all kinds of metal 

    B:Special environmental required stainless steel material.

  • The length of the trigger into the pipe≥25mm.

  • Pigs pass within the pipeline  by two directions  , this indicator can be displayed。

  • Suitable for explosion-proof site installed.

  • Flag (label ) indicator adopts mechanical transmission mechanism, swing trigger > 45 degree Angle, the label by the transverse(arrow cross) into longitudinal (arrows up), shows that the pig has passed, and remote transmission of a 24 VDC, 3A guide communication。

  • Remote control signal duration:5S.

  • Remote interface 1/2NPT or 4NPT.

  • To facilitate observation, maybe special process a elongated ball indicator.

  • Can be achieved remove functions with pressure.

B. Scope of application:

  • Explosive gas, inflammable medium site

  • Anti-explosion marking: dⅡBT4/IP65

C. The use of the flag type display mechanism:

  • Clockwise holding down the flag label , enter into testing work  the state.

  • When the pig passes, flag label up, shows that the pig has passed, and giving instant conduction switch signals through the remote transmission line (5 seconds).

D. Indicator structure (see figure):

Basic structure (see figure), the indicator is mainly composed of mechanical contact body and display mechanism (flag (label) , explosion-proof digital display, etc., according to user required, can be special made into electricity, light, sound and other signal source and remote transmission function)。

The basic structure of the mechanical contact body:

  • Trigger: reversible rotation.

  • Plug: reference for standard 2 "plug restructuring, to satisfy the installation condition under pressure。

  • Base (flange type) : good welding performance of carbon steel, steel alloy or 304 stainless steel

  • Seal ring

  • Tappet

  • Seal ring

  • Spring

  • Checked washer (locked screw)

  • Growth stud tappet

  • Lever system

  • Up the body

  • Tappet.

  • Fastening screws

  • Inner feeler lever: push it, the clock control head had stopped; making the mechanical signage stand up, digital display through time and remote transmission.

  • Display mechanism: Can be installed digital display meter according to user required,  the flag type display mechanism or electricity, light, sound, such as signal source.

E. Installation:

  • Before installation, checked indicator mechanical main body and display mechanism flexible & reliable services, mechanical main body opened it in turn according to the structure and installation schematics, separately the base (unit 3) and pipeline welding.

  • Welding base:
    No pressure welding installation: cleaned installation site, removed all attachments, shown metal color, straighten base (according to the welding position figure), making the base top slot direction paralleled to the center line of the pipeline or base top marks in the center line of the pipeline (base grooving direction or logo and trigger movement in the same direction).When welded, compressing base to prevent shift or deflection.

  • After base welded and installed, mechanical parts installed in turn according to the structure and installation schematics

Pipe Detector

F. Use and Maintain:

  • Remove protecting cap before  passed the ball , display mechanism will be (flag type display mechanism) installed on the mechanical body, and tighten locking screw, display mechanism can rotate 360 degrees, easy to adjust the observation direction。

  • Counterclockwise press label.

  • When pig passed, label up, and remote transmission of a node guide communication.

  • When repeat the pigging, repeat 1 ~ 2 processes。

  • After pigging ball-passing, remove under the display mechanism (long-term place) and the mechanical body oil and maintenance, installed protecting cap in order to preventing dust and impurities entrance.

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