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  • Insulation Connector
  • Insulation Connector

Insulation Connector

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :60 days

Supply capacity :200 sets per Month

The insulating joints have realized buried parts maintenance-free function and allow a service life matching the pipelines.

The insulating joint is the essential pressure component necessary for steel pipeline cathodic protection system, broadly applicable to steel pipeline cathodic protection systems, adopts a unique design based on referencing foreign latest product structure  to overcome problems of inadequate rigidity, prone to leak, unable to be buried under ground short service life, ete.


Design specifications:

BPV  Code Sect Ⅷ Div.ⅠAppendix2  GB150

Design code:ASME B31.3  GB50253


Technical characteristic:

  •  Dimensions :DN15~DN1200

  •  Pressure grade:PN1.6~PN40.0MPa

  •  Service life:same as the service life of pipeline

  •  Applicable medium:oil, gas, water, chemical feed ,mineral slurry

  •  End slope meatus:in accordance with  ASME B31.4 and the regulations for welding technics

  •  Installation place:buried-levelly under the earth

Quality inspection:  

  • 100% insulating resistance value test: ≥10MΩ@DC1000V

  • 100% insulating intensity test:no breakdown or arc for one minute @5000V 50Hz 

  • 100% hydraulic pressure testing pressure: 1.5 times of designed  pressure

  • 100% air-tight testing pressure:equivalent to designed pressure

  • 100% non-destructive testing:to 100% the crack detection of the weld line of all the butt-connectors by ray accordance with ASME  BPV Code Ⅷ UW-51,App.12,App.6 or JB4730, other welding line  are 100% detected by ray or magnetic power.

  • 100% surface of end slope examination

  • 100% hardness test on weld joints

  • 5% submerging electrolysis fluid insulating intensity testing:≥6MΩ

  • 5% hydrostatic pressure plus bending test :longitudinal stress 72%×the regulated test bending intensity.

  • 5% hydrostatic pressure fatigue test:1MPa~85% hydrostatic  pressure test for 40 cycles

  • 100% the thickness of coated dry velum test

  • 100% visual and dimensional check

  •  5% coat adhering test


Material s characteristics:

  • Assembled parts:according to ASTM A694 F52/JB4726

  • Stub end:same with pipeline material

  • Insulating material:ASTM D709 G11 or GB1301.1-1998 high strength epoxy glass

  • Filling material:high strength epoxy resin

  • Sealing material:rubber fluoride 26

  • Sealing stickiness:silicon rubber

  • Internal & external surface anti-corrosion insulating material:two- component solvent-free epoxy coating, anti-corrosion thermal contraction bushing. 

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