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LNG Skid

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :5 sets per month

Advantage A

Skid-mounted station has advantage on site selection, civil construction conditions, construction period. Built in the city zone, site selection can be done easily and quickly installed.

* Skid-mounted station can be installed in the existed gas station,  suitable for the oil and gas construction together.

* Skid-mounted station adapt to most of the bus parking lot, control center, expressway service area and so on.

* Skid-mounted station especially adapt to the situation on initial gas vehicles less, short construction period, shortage of funds and covers can be expanded. Once the gas    vehicles reach saturation, can remove      storage skids, and expanded into conventional station. These can achieve better economic benefits, and promote the project          development.

Advantage B

* Owing to the each part of LNG Skid-mounted station is precast production, it can effective to control the fabrication and inspection. Thus quality performance good, security is guaranteed.

* In easy leaking point (such as valves operation area, tanks nozzles  position), set the low temperature alarm device and combustible gas leakage alarm device, testing and monitoring the leaking points. Once leakage occurred, alarm device will send sound and light alarm, To ensure the safety measures in a timely manner.

* Set emergency shutoff device, once supervises the abnormal situation, it will automatic emergency cut-off, to ensure the accident not  diffusion and spread.

* How to control the accident's diffusion and spread once leakage occurred? it is the key trouble. Through analysis for the features of LNG, structure of tanks, Auxiliary safety facilities, to set tank receiving    at the bottom of storage tank and diversion groove all around. Thus leaked LNG will be leaded up to collecting reservoir at the outside of        storage skid. Then use the high expansion foam cover, to reach the accident control in the scope of minimum. 

The reasons to do so as follow:

1. Density of LNG or low temperature gas (below -110 degree) is greater then the environmental's air density, it will deposit to the low-lying place when leaked.

2. Nozzles' position is accident prone, because it has a lot of junctions,  easy to produce stress concentration.

3. Leaked LNG collected by collecting reservoir easier be covered by high expansion foam. Thus, it is very important to set tank receiving, diversion groove and collecting reservoir at the skid-mounted station.

Advantage C

* Independent skiing blocks is as the basic unit, each independent skiing blocks be precast to independent products in factory.

* Skiing blocks on onsite only be connected through pipelines, regardless of the fire construction in principle.

* The base of each skiing blocks is integral steel base, it only need to lay on the existed concrete foundation, use the expansion bolts to fix. That    is OK. Jet skiing skid-mounting should set up the tent.


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