• Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator
  • Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator
  • Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator
  • Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator
  • Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator
  • Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator

Magnetic Non-inserted Electronic Display Passage Indicator

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :100 PIECE PER MONTH

YY-FCT type Magnetic & explosion-proof pig alert/signaller(Non-intrusive pig passage ball indicator or commonly known as external clamped ball indicator)is independent research and development of patent products(Patent No.:ZL2006.20088894.5).The patent holder for Shenyang Yongye Industry Co.,Ltd.

Magnetic explosion-proof pig alert is a ground determine instrument to display pigs pass or not in pipeline of oil, gas, water etc. It is installed and removed flexible, convenient, and can satisfy the requirements of the indicators of various kinds of pipes. Only need to be fixed around the outer wall of pipeline to work, solve the mechanical pig signaler easily to strike fire, not suitable for explosion-proof place and electronic type due to interference to occur the problems of false alarms and missed alarms.


Products works, built-in timer automatic walks and shows the standard time, when the pig with magnetic force pass through, display the time of pig pass and remote transmission a switch signals for pigging process control center to understand clearly the runStructure Descriptionning situation of the pig. At the same time, shows institutions passes the frequency and time, memory number: 100 times.

Scope of application:

  • Applicable temperature -40~100℃。

  • Suitable for all the material of running pipeline (pipeline anticorrosion insulation layer thickness is less than 100 mm).

  • Pigs have to take magnetic force(permanent magnet 3000-4500 gauss)

  • Suitable for explosive gas, flammable medium place

  • Explosion-proof sign dⅡBT6

  • Protection class IP65

  • LCD  power:24VDC(also use 5# battery powered, when using Can only choose one from the two.)。

  • Remote control signals.

  • Controlled contact capacity:24VDC、3A.

  • Remote control signal duration:5S

  • Remote interface 1/2NPT(F)or  3/4NPT(F)、M20*1.5(F)

  • If no remoting connection, adopted the machine comes with 5 # battery power

Structure Description


1、 Sensing mechanism; 

2、Display means;

3、Remote interface 1/2NPT(F)or  3/4NPT(F)、M20*1.5(F);

4. Remote interface spare hole; 

5. Wiring circuit board;

6. Battery compartment

Display mechanism for method of application

  • In the remote interface, four-wire system wiring co nnection (Red: 24 VDC, Black: ground wire, Two yellow lines: J-1、J-2 Relay contact(Two-Node 2A)), After installing the battery # 5, enter the automatic calibration procedure, There is a indicator light, generally completed within 10 seconds. Digital display the current time into working condition.

  • If need to adjust, press the "set" button on the front panel, to adjust the Numbers start flashing, continuous press "set" button, the flashing digital shift to the right. Press "adjusting time" can be adjusted time, after completed, press the "set" key until the end of the last (without flashing Numbers).Please  set the timer according to the current time or needed time. Just set a time, according to "adjusting time" button. Display Settings time。

  • If need to adjust in the process of work, press the "set" key, the clock displays flashing light. As per the above method at this time is adjustable.

  • In working state, the clock accurate travels time, (press "adjust" button to display the current time) when the pig passes, instrument displays through times 3 seconds after the prior, and shows through time for 3 seconds, At the same time remote signal, the signal is maintained until the end of the digital display.

  • Checked each time passes the ball through The Times and time in the past. Press "query" displays number for the last time by number, press it again immediately, shown as 1;Press "set" key again shows the first times by times. According to each time through the ball time by time N (can store 100 times)

  • Removable times: press "remove" button, Removing all through times. At the same time shows the current time. The current time cannot be removed. Change the time, please press "set" key.

  • Checking whether the ball through, press "query" if no have ball passing, only the current display time. If have the ball passing the display time after the times.

  • Checking the current time presses the "adjust" or "query" button. Displays the current time.


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