• Metering Separator Skid
  • Metering Separator Skid

Metering Separator Skid

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :5 sets per month

Three-phase horizontal metering separator skid including gas pressure, gas-oil interface and oil-water interface of automatic control system,Devices equipped with complete manifold system, easy to operate, including the bypass pipeline and oil, gas, and water-connected manifold, all inlet and outlet of mainfold used flange connection. Collision frame can be disassembled.

Separation principle

Three-phase horizontal separator using the principles of gravity separation of oil-gas-water in threephase separator. In the upper cavity of the separator is the gas chamber, the gas outlet at the upper part of the cylinder; the weir plate and lower part is divided into the oil chamber and the water chamber, the fluid enters the separator to the upper water chamber first, under the action of gravity, the lower part is water, water is above the upper part of the oil, oil and natural gas into space. 

The height of weir plate is about 1/2 of the cylinder, so we should ensure that the water level is below the weir height in the working process, the highest level of oil in the level of 3/4, the oil will be above the water overflow weir plate into the oil chamber, which is the working principle of the separator.

The metering of natural gas through the orifice plate flowmeter, you can use the manual calculation is the number of records in the recorder output, can also be calculated automatically connected data acquisition system.

Oil-water measurement using turbine flowmeter, flow of turbine flowmeter installed on top of the monitor, you can directly read out the data, can also be connected to the data acquisition system, the traffic data to data acquisition system.

The pressure of the separator is regulated by the back pressure control system of the gas pipeline, and the oil water level is adjusted through the liquid level control system.

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