• Vent Riser Drawn Welded Manifold
  • Vent Riser Drawn Welded Manifold

Vent Riser Drawn Welded Manifold

Product origin :LIAONING, CHINA

Delivery time :15-20 days usually or according to quantity

Supply capacity :10 pieces per month

Welding process
Taking into account the size of the vent tube and the welder, the longitudinal seam of the barrel is the A-slot automatic welding and the double-sided welding; the B-slot of the tubular butt welding is made by argon-arc welding, manual filling, and the submerged arc welding cover face, select the corresponding process parameters. The physical welding on site shows that the welding effect is good, the high welding efficiency , and the welding joint quality is stable.


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