Gas Remover Filter

 Gas Remover Filter

Gas Remover Filter  is one of the auxiliary equipment of the flow meter, it has separation medium gas pipeline flow, impurity in filter media, so as to ensure the advantages of metering accuracy and to prolong the service life of the flow meter etc..

Working principle

When the refined oil imports from the inflow, the filter placed in the barrel, solid impurities, liquid through the filter assembly, change the direction of liquid flow, the oil free gas and dissolved gas part fully ran out of gas rose to the top of the separator, the formation of gas space, oil gas interface. With the increase of gas pressure increases the volume increase, oil and gas interface decreases, when reduced to a certain degree of float ball device, open the valve to removing gas, oil and gas interface increased, gas space narrowing floating ball device, turn off the valve, then flows through the filter medium to cool down the oil, gas and solid separation of the three.


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