• Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure
  • Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure
  • Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure
  • Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure
  • Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure

Inserted Type Quick Opening Closure

Brand :YY

Product origin :LIAONING,CHINA

Delivery time :Normally 30~60 days after order award

Supply capacity :10 sets per month

Quick opening closure (QOC) is used for the pressure pipeline and pressure vessel, it is a mechanical device and offers rapid opening and closing functions.

Inserted type quick opening closure is composed of end closure, barrel  flange,  safety  interlock  device  etc,  its  structure  type  refer  tostructure schematic drawing.


1.End Closure   2.Barrel Flange  3.End Closure Hinge  4.Locking Screw 5.Strength Stem   6.Loosening Board    7.Pres-Relief Screw  

8.Cover Loosening Screw

A.   Opening Procedure:

  • Open the air release valve before open the QOC, to assure that no pressure in the vessel.

  • Screw out the pres-relief screw (Part 7) of safety interlock device, take out the loosening board (Part 6).

  • Loosen and return the locking screw (Part 4) counterclockwise.

  • Turn the cover-loosening screw (Part 8) clockwise to make the end closure (Part 1) loose.

  • Pull the end closure with the strength stem (Part 5) downward 30 degree to the stop pin.

  • Pull the end closure (Part 1) out from the barrel flange(Part 2).


B.   Closing Procedure:

  • Clean the seal surface and seal groove thoroughly and coat antirust paint.

  • Make the end closure (Part 1) face the barrel flange (Part 2) and push it into the right location.

  • Loosen  and  return  the  cover-loosening  screw  (Part  8)

  • counterclockwise.

  • Pull the strength stem (Part 5) upward to make the end closure(Part1)  rotate.

  • Turn the locking screw (Part 4) clockwise to make the strength stem(Part 5) to 30 degree(till the strength stem touches the stop pin).

  • Install the loosening board (Part 6) and screw on the pres-relief screw(Part 7) of the safety interlock device.


C.  Safety operation and maintenance:

  • The operator must know the QOC's structure,operating procedure and methods.

  • Before open the end closure, the air relief valve of the vessel has to be opened first. Only the internal pressure down to zero could the end closure be opened.

  • Install the loosening board (it is part of the safety interlock device) and press-relief screw first, then add pressure to the vessel.

  • After the QOC is put into use, all its pressure-bearing parts and components are not allowed to be knocked and impacted.

  • Thread connection and turning location should be coated antirust oil once a year. The rotation parts should be kept lubrication well.

  • The QOC's surface has to be cleaned often. It should be protected by cover if it was installed in the open, to avoid sand going into it and affect its flexibility of opening or closing.

  • Inspect its parts and components regularly. If serious corrosion or crack was found, should find out the reasons and deal with it in time.6.png




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